Brain Tumor Awareness May 19-24

Empire Kred

This month, we’ve determined to benefit The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) at the suggestion of their social media Ambassador, our own (e)TUMORWARRIOR.

We will be giving grey ribbons, there will be shop sales including badges, with 20% of the proceeds donated to ABTA, there will be small contests… and there will be a BIG CONTEST!

Brain Facts

Battle of the Influencers for #BTAM

Sign-ups for the Battle are now being accepted in the Grey Matters! event community. This thread is where you enter your ticker to be assigned to a team.

Teams will be assigned Friday, May 19, up to the beginning of the contest at 12 AM Eastern Time, Saturday, May 20.

Here’s what we can tell you now:

  • It will be a team contest. You sign up to play, and you will be assigned to a team. The team chooses its captain and determines how to use its…

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Empire.Kred LIVE The Recordings

Empire Kred

Empire.Kred members shared their thoughts and expertise in our first LIVE event which took place on both Blab and Firetalk video chat systems.

The live events were well attended and viewers interacted with our knowledgeable guests.

01 Build Your Audience with Empire.Kred Missions

in this first session of the Empire.Kred LIVE weekend Ruud Reijmerink and I discussed Missions.

We started with an explanation missions and their place in promoting you business or cause

We chatted about creating good missions which will be well received , Ruud gave plenty of insights into strategy and shared a wealth of tips and tricks.

Great content needs a great audience. Ruud Reijmerink shares proven strategies he uses to reach new people and keep followers engaging.

Hosted by Steven Healey

Ruud on Empire.Kred

02 The A,B,C’s of Empire.Kred Missions 

In this second very enjoyable Empire.Kred LIVE event Knikkolette discussed the best approach to missions…

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Action-packed July On Empire.Kred

Empire Kred

Get ready for an action-packed month on Empire.Kred. More events, new game upgrades, and so much more. Here’s a preview:
Log in now and see how many sparklers you’ve received!
Sir Rudiger is BACK and helping players get achievements. Join the clue hunters and collect achievements worth over 12 million eaves during Fireworks Over the Empire.
EmpireKred_LiveJuly 8-11
Unlock the Secrets of Empire.Kred

Top players reveal how to use the game to power your social media success

Join us for live events and more.
Volunteer to run a session on:
  • your favorite Empire.Kred feature (stocks, communities, leaders)
  • how favorite social media network (best practices and tips on how to interpret and raise your Empire.Kred score.)
Experienced interviewing, managing webcasts, or coordinating online event logistics? Email to volunteer to help manage and promote the event.
July 14 
Bastille Day
Surprises in store.
July 16-20
Throw a pie, say hi, and connect…

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Empire.Kred LIVE! Players share secrets of success

Empire Kred

Empire.Kred LIVE! connects you with top players and social media experts who will share the tips and tricks you need to build YOUR influence.  (Interested in leading a session, a podcast, or a tweetup? Scroll down to find out how to get involved.)  All sessions are FREE and are presented by Empire.Kred players. Join us to get answers, support your fellow players, and share your insights!

Build Your Audience with Empire.Kred Missions
Great content needs a great audience. Ruud Reijmerink shares proven strategies he uses to reach new people and keep followers engaging. 
Moderated by Steven Healey.
JULY 8, 2016 11:00 am ET  Claim your free ticket

The A,B,C’s of Empire.Kred Missions
Start at the beginning. What is a mission? Why would you run one? Who does them? How do you stand out? Knikkolette Church introduces you to the Empire.Kred “mission” – a powerful tool for introducing your content to…

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Fireworks over the Empire

Empire Kred

Today  sees the launch of the latest Empire.Kred extravaganza  to celebrate the events of the weekend.

Starts today at 8:00 pm ET and runs through to the 5th July ,

There are two parts to the celebration

You can send SPARKLERS to your friends on Empire.Kred so that they can light them in celebration of the weekends events , everyone you send a sparkler to will also receive eaves .

Note : Please do not light the sparklers before you send them !!

The second part is the hunt for Sparkling clues scattered throughout the site by Squirrel , the Empire.Kred moderators and friends , You will find them on missions and in the forums.

Crack the clue , find the matching member profile and post your answer on their timeline. If you have the correct answer and the correct profile you will earn a reward .

At the moment it…

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Meet an Extraordinary #EmpireKred Leader – Kevin Green

Earn More Money from Home!

Kevin Green

#EmpireKred is all about Community.  Lots of us volunteer time and energy to help other members feel supported and welcomed.  Lots of us support the site during events and by buying upgrades and other items when we can.

Kevin Green not only supports the community and the site, but he has been an “Angel” to many by spearheading campaigns to fund sponsorships to help others buy the Leadership upgrade.  This not only helped people who would not otherwise be able to afford even half the cost, but it helped every one who was already a Leader due to the bonuses that we given out for reaching membership goals!

There is a fine line between thanking someone enough, and embarrassing them.  I am not really sure where that line is!

I hope that after this, Kevin will feel warmly appreciated.

Link with him on Social Media.  He has brilliant posts everywhere.

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New Mission Updates

Empire Kred

Contributed by Skip Bieber (e)skip7547  @skip7547

Great News!  Missions have been updated and some wonderful new features have been added.   Since no one else posted constructive information on the updates, I thought I’d take a crack at it.    Check back here often as I’ll be updating the blog as more and more features – (documented and undocumented) are discovered 🙂

There are several (six so far) major changes in this update include the additions of Private Missions;  Inverted Mission Awards; Mission restrictions by Join date; Network restrictions and a new missions at a glance toolbar.    Minor updates in this update  includes tighter restrictions on parameters such as Country, network and Interest.  

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, the mission comments have been moved down and now appear AFTER the other missions display box.  

The first major change is the addition of Private Missions.  As I understand…

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