Meet the Leaders Quest Day 9

Empire Kred

The Meet the Leaders Quest will run through May 31. Catch up with Day 1 Day 2  Day 3 Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7  and Day 8. Scroll down for easy directions.

The Ultimate Leader Upgrade is available to EVERYONE at 95% off the retail value during the Meet the Leaders Quest. Plus, you’ll share in the TRIPLED Leader Jackpot because leaders voted to delay the payout so that you, too, can enjoy the goodies they have earned. Leaders have written their stories because they truly believe that this is one upgrade that is well worth the price, even if you never buy another thing. (And, of course, if you do spend from time to time, you’ll save on every future purchase.) Read their stories and join today.


Get this achievement simply for visiting the mission feed.  Take a look…

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