The Secret Ingredient for Peace


SPC Jodi Johnson winning hearts and minds


“Weapons are never enough, nor are the billions of dollars being spent.

Winning “hearts and minds” is key because that is essential to social cohesion, to finding a common direction, to keeping the peace.

This perspective is worthwhile as we seek to understand and define power. To do so, it is worth pondering the difference in your life between common descriptions of power and what, to you and those around you, is truly powerful.

Great influence, as it turns out, emanates not from arsenals or banks, but rather, as it has since the dawn of time, from the human heart.

To succeed on a global scale you must understand, touch, reach, and respect those hearts just as you must do so closer to home. In fact, until those disciplines are mastered, true power, like true peace, will elude all those who seek it.

Consider the fate of virtually…

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