Meteorite reveals that Mars volcanoes erupted recently

Stop Making Sense

MarsFrom CBC News:

A meteorite from Mars at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum has changed the way scientists view the seemingly cold, dormant Red Planet, revealing that it was still hot and bubbly in places when the first mammals scampered on Earth.

“This paints a picture of a more geologically active planet — lots of volcanoes, lots of lava,” said Brendt Hyde, a mineralogy research technician at the museum who helped analyze the meteorite, in an interview with The National‘s Ron Charles.

“It just paints a picture of a nice, vibrant planet, not a cold dead planet like we often envision other planets in the solar system.”

Hyde said that adds to our changing vision of Mars, which has also been influenced by the ample evidence uncovered by rovers such as Curiositythat lots of water once flowed there.


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