Afternoon #cloudporn in Denver


Afternoon #cloudporn by @MySoDotCom
Afternoon #cloudporn, a photo by @MySoDotCom on Flickr.

A pic I took by the lake when my daughter was water skiing

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The 6 Types Of Facebook Posts Employers Don’t Want To See: Survey – Huffington Post

Manlio Mannozzi


The 6 Types Of Facebook Posts Employers Don’t Want To See: Survey
Huffington Post
Unless, of course, your current boyfriend or girlfriend is still really good friends with his or her ex and you have the will power to resist Facebook stalking them.

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80% of Pre-Packaged Foods in America Are Banned in Other Countries ~ Yahoo!

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If you or your kids enjoy pre-packaged convenience foods commonly found in grocery stores across the U.S. such as Froot Loops, Swanson dinners, Mountain Dew, and frozen potato and bread products, you may think twice before purchasing them after hearing what they contain: dangerous chemicals that other countries around the globe have deemed toxic to the point that they’re illegal, and companies are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for including them in food products.

In a new book Rich Food, Poor Food, authors Mira and Jason Calton provide a list of what they term “Banned Bad Boys” – ingredients commonly used in up to 80% of all American convenience food that have been banned by other countries, with information about which countries banned each substance and why.

And though it might not surprise you to hear that Olestra – commonly used in low/no-fat snack foods and known…

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#Apple store on George St

This Apple store was amazing in #Sydney

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